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Anais ISSN 1809-7189
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Palestra 3
- Título:

Think Like A Hacker - the Cyber Threat of 2024

- Palestrante:

Jens Myrup Pedersen
(Aalborg University )

- Currículo:

I am Professor at Aalborg University. My main research area is in Cyber Security, with a focus on detecting malicious network activities. This includes deception technologies such as honeypots, traffic analysis, DNS traffic analysis, detection/prediction of malicious domains, applied machine learning, and malware sandboxing. I am heading the cyber security research group at Aalborg University, which is based at Campus Copenhagen. I have a long experience with industrial collaboration, e.g. through previous industrial PhD and Grand Solution projects, I am an experienced board member, and since 2023 co-founder of Campfire Security ApS, and I often give talks and presentations.

- Resumo:

We all hear that the cyber threat against citizens, companies and authorities is very high. But what does it really mean, and what can we do to protect ourself against it? This talk takes a look behind the scenes of the malicious actors in 2024: We get to understand the differences between nation state actors, cyber criminals, cyber activists, and other groups, and we gain an understanding of the motivations, capabilities and resources of the different groups - with plenty of real-world examples. With this in mind, we take a look at the current trends within cyber attacks, and finally discuss how we can be cyber secure in the future.

- Horário: 12/11/2024 (Terca-feira), das 14:00 às 15:00
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